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Explanations on data protection of young people in the context of detached youth work

You should know which data is collected if you are in touch with our staff.

Our work ethics imply professional secrecy and confidentiality. It is similar to that of doctors and lawyers. But most of the time we do not have the right to refuse to testify in court. Please do not hesitate to ask us about the data we have about you and how we process it.

What do we do with your data?

First of all: You do not have to tell us your real name. It is not necessary for us to know your real name, if you want to keep in touch with us – we respect your personal decision.

Nevertheless sometimes we need to know your real name. This is the case if you want to join our excursions, on which we take you out, for example go-cart driving, museums, trips to other cities etc. For joining we need you to sign up with your real name in our excursion list. Under age participants (younger than 18 years) must bring their parents / legal guardians written declaration of consent as well. The excursion lists are kept safe and will not be shared with others outside VAJA. After a period of time the data will be erased. This depends on legal regulations.

You are welcome to check the data records VAJA has stored about you. You can ask us any time, we are happy to provide you information. If you notice irregularities please let us know.

Please contact us in case you need us to delete personal data records. This should not be an issue unless legal regulations advise differently – but we will let you know if this should be the case.

If you have severe doubts about our handling of personal data security please contact us, our data protection officer below or data security government agency.

Our data protection officer is:

Stefan Weisfeld
Mathildenstr. 17
28203 Bremen



» handout (english & german / pdf)

» also available in german and turkish.